Sister-in-Law Swap

I'm writing this with 5 days to go on a remarkable vacation. The situation is just too good to believe...You see I've always had a thing for my sister-in-law, a big-breasted girl 15 years my wife's junior. My wife Jane is a beautiful lady in her mid fifties who can easily pass as my daughter. My ultimate fantasy is to have both magnificent women.

I never expected to actually succeed in becoming intimate with my sister-in-law, Linda. Linda and her husband Fred often travel with Jane and I. We have shared hotel rooms, cruise ship staterooms, and beach houses but with all this intimate contact I have never even managed to see her in anything more revealing than an opaque nightgown.

Her tits are an obsession of mine. They are big and round and soft. I know they are soft because I never miss an opportunity to hug her. They fill out her clothes without looking fat or packed. She has a slight build below her chest: small waist narrow hips a cute butt and long beautiful dancer's legs. Her style of dress is somewhat conservative so I had never even come close to seeing much more than her ample cleavage.

For this vacation we rented a house on a little private island on the west coast of Florida. You needed a boat to get to and from the mainland and golf-carts are the only mode of transportation on the island. Right after we arrived Jane and Fred went back to the mainland to pick up some food while Linda and I stayed behind to unpack and get things organized for the week.

We started sipping wine and I was soon feeling very loose. We were laughing and joking around and having lots of fun. At one point Linda bent over in front of me and I looked down the front of her blouse. She caught me looking and even though there was no way I could see anything, she grabbed the neck of her shirt and said, "NO PEEKING!"

I laughed and said, "Damn I didn't see anything. But I would give a year's salary for a peek."

Linda laughed and said, "Oh right."

"Really!" I admitted, and probably because I was feeling so loose I volunteered that since Jane started taking anti-depressants, her sex drive was extremely low. My sex life was pretty much confined to fantasy and masturbation. "You are my favourite fantasy. If you had any idea how many times I've imagined cumming all over your tits you would be embarrassed to be with me."

"Wow," was all she could say. Just when I was becoming embarrassed myself she shocked me by opening her blouse and saying, "So I guess this would give you some good beat-off material huh?" She stood in front of me, showing off her green, lace bra. It was pretty sheer and her nipples were visible under the thin material. My prick was beginning to swell.

"Oh my god! My heart may stop," I said, "Linda you are even more beautiful than in my fantasies."

She blushed right down to her tits. She closed her shirt and said, "I can't believe I just did that."

"Neither can I, but my sex life has just been recharged!"

"I feel so bad for you. I can't believe that Jane doesn't take care of your needs. Can you actually get off thinking about my boobs? Have you ever seen them -- I mean down my shirt or anything like that?"

"No, I'm sorry to say it's never happened... not that I haven't tried. You just tend to dress too conservatively."

We were sitting on the big porch overlooking the bay. Linda got up and went inside. When she returned she said, "I want you to live out your fantasy."

She had changed into a white body suit. She climbed into the hot tub and lowered herself into the water. "I'm so nervous," she said, "My heart is pounding loud enough for me to hear it in my ears."

"I'm so excited," I mimicked, "My DICK is pounding hard enough for me to feel it in my balls!"

Linda laughed and then lifted her chest up out of the water. Her bodysuit was now absolutely transparent. "Oh my God!' I gasped, "You are gorgeous."

"You said you want to cum on these?"

All I could do was grunt and stand up. My dick was painfully hard.

"Get over here and show me what you do to me in your fantasies," she said, her voice soft and seductive.

I walked over to the hot tub and Linda directed, "Take those pants off and tell me what I need to do to get you off."

I stripped in a flash, got into the tub and stood in front of her. "First get bare," I instructed, "then I'll masturbate onto your tits."

She slid her body suit down and off and I started stroking my throbbing prick. Linda said it was really erotic. "Play with your tits," I told her. She poured handfuls of water over her breasts. Then she massaged them and pinched her nipples. I was moaning and stroking faster and faster.

When I felt my sperm rising, I got closer so I could cum on her tits. Linda leaned up to me and said, "You can touch them." I felt her boob with my left hand and then she grabbed my balls and I erupted with a massive volley of sperm. I shot stream after stream of hot cum all over her boobs. She pressed her chest to my crotch and asked, "Is this as good as your fantasies?"

"In my fantasy world," I replied, "all I ever did was look at you. My crotch on your beautiful breasts is more than I could have ever dreamed."

"Well I'll let you do one last thing if you promise to pretend this never happened," she said with slight apprehension in her voice.

What?" I asked.

"Lick your sperm off my tits, you nasty man," she answered with a sly grin.

"That's it," I thought, "I'm sure I died and went to fantasy heaven." Without hesitation I grabbed Linda's luscious boobs and began licking and sucking for all I was worth. I slid my mouth all over her slick chest and then I told her to masturbate because it was her turn to climax.

Linda reached her hands under the swirling water and diddled her twat while I mauled her tits. Within a few minutes she was gasping and moaning in pleasure and then she shuttered and climaxed... and climaxed and climaxed again.

"That is one of the longest, strongest climaxes I've ever had!" She said, still holding her tit in my mouth.

We felt each other up for a few more minutes and then she went into her room and I went to mine and we dressed in plenty of time for Jane and Fred to return.

That evening when we each went into our rooms, Linda left her door open while Fred and Jane were in bathrooms. She sat on her bed and removed her blouse giving me a beautiful view of her big tits in a bra. She even removed her white jeans but before she could unsnap her bra Fred came out of the bathroom and I had to slip away.

The next day when Jane and Fred had their backs turned, Linda licked her lips and flashed her tits at me. She watched the bulge in my pants become uncomfortable then she just laughed.

"You said we would never mention that again," I reminded her in a low whisper.

"Oh... you want me to stop?" she asked wickedly, "I was just giving you some more fantasy material."

"Boy, was the rest of this trip going to be different," I thought to myself. Linda, who always wore industrial strength bras, began to appear braless whenever we were not going anywhere. When Fred and Jane were out of sight, she would flash a bare tit at me and give me a wicked smile. Once, when I was close behind her and nobody was near, she reached back and grabbed my crotch.

"Is this the nasty dick that likes to shoot sperm on my tits?" she asked.

"Yes," I whispered in her ear, "and this is the mouth that wants to suck your this." I took her whole ear into my mouth and slowly explored it with my tongue. When I pressed the tip deeply into her head she moaned.

"Oh you are a nasty man, aren't you?"

I pulled her little white dress up over her braless boobs and reached into her panties, sliding my fingers through the moist folds of her cunt. "I would suck your cunt till you faint from pleasure," I said as I continued to suck and eat her ear as if it were her cunt.

She held my right arm keeping my hand in her panties and pressed my left hand to her boob. I lightly flicked her clit and fingered her vagina. She climaxed almost immediately. She had spasms every time I pushed my tongue into her ear and pinched her nipple or clit. I had her under my complete control. She convulsed about twenty times until I stopped everything and allowed her to relax.

"I never expected that!" she panted, "it always takes hours of work for me to climax. Fred is not very co-operative about it either. Most of the time he will try for about ten minutes after he shoots off, and then he says, 'Do yourself' and he turns over and falls asleep."

"It seems we both have to take care of ourselves," I observed.

Linda pulled her dress down and we were innocently talking when Fred and Jane returned.

As time wore on, Linda's outfits got more and more revealing, so much so, that Jane began to notice and she commented on it to me.

"I think poor Linda is just trying to spice up her and Fred's sex life," I suggested.

"Could be, but it seems like it's only when you are around."

"She's probably just trying to make him jealous."

I told Linda she had to be more careful, that Jane was beginning to notice her efforts to get me hard. Linda was turned on to that. "Well, let's just let them think that I am trying to get Fred jealous then. I can really get wild if that is the situation."

That night we were dancing around in the living room and Linda was on the floor pretending to be break dancing. She threw her legs back over her head and treated Jane and I to a flash of her bare cunt. I starred and when I looked over at Jane she was studying Linda's bare pussy as hard as I was. Needless to say my prick was swelling and Jane reached over and felt me.

Linda started to flash me now in full view of Jane. Jane always noticed that she did it when Fred was not around or not aware. Jane was pissed that I was responding and she got really upset once when Linda opened a big blue shirt and revealed her sheer underwear and my dick poked out of the side of my bathing suit in response.

"What do you expect of me?" I asked Jane, "We never fuck any more and I'm still the same horny guy you met years ago."

"I'm just as sorry that the medicine I take destroyed my sex drive as you are. I miss being horny as much as you miss having sex."

I suggested that Jane try teasing Fred like Linda was teasing me, "That may improve both of our sex lives."

It didn't take Jane long to start retaliating on Linda. That night when we went out to dinner she wore a sexy little purple dress. It had a deep v-neckline and she was not wearing a bra. Then, the following day on the porch, she sat in a short little button-front dress with a fair amount of cleavage exposed. When Fred was sitting across from her she opened her legs, giving him a view of her crotch. His reaction was extreme; he couldn't take his eyes off her crotch and his crotch began to get instantly larger. I casually walked over to see his view and I almost fainted. Jane had her panties pulled to one side of her crotch and her beautiful shaved cunt was screaming at Fred. Her pussy was all pink and puffy and Fred looked like he was about to devour it. When he noticed me he jumped up and walked across the room so I couldn't see his bulge.

Later in our room, I went up to Jane and reached under her short skirt to feel her cunt. Her panties were now covering her pretty pussy. "Did you enjoy flashing your naked cunt at Fred?"

"As a matter of fact, watching him looking at my crotch and seeing his dick swelling in his pants was starting to get some long forgotten stirrings... until you chased him away, that is."

"Well next time I will make sure I don't interrupt you so your little cunt can get dripping wet."

"See that you don't!" Jane quipped.

I asked Linda if she had seen the Fred and Jane episode, she hadn't. I told her that we should arrange to leave them alone and watch what transpires.

That evening we were all going for a walk on the island's secluded beach. Jane shocked me even more than earlier by putting on a pair of white shorts and the same sheer white body suit Linda had worn in the hot tub. Obvious or what?

Before Linda saw Jane, she told Fred that she was tired and would stay in the house. I pretended that I had not seen Jane either and volunteered to stay with Linda. Obvious or what?

Poor Fred couldn't take his eyes off Jane's tits as they left the house. I went into Linda's room to tell her what Jane was wearing and there she stood in an equally sheer black bodysuit. "Well, at least she didn't bare her tits like this," she said and she removed her arms from the top, exposing her naked tits. "After you cum on me again, we can follow them and see if they screw."

I didn't waste any time stripping. Linda was on the floor beneath me with her legs spread. She played with her big tits and I stroked my hard dick.

"Shoot cum all over me you nasty man!"

I shot my sperm onto her pretty little body and she massaged it into her skin like lotion.

"Now, let's see what our spouses are up to."

We took a golf-cart and headed out to the far end of the island. We parked it and worked our way back towards the house. We had only walked a little while when we heard Fred's voice. We were behind some dunes and they couldn't see us. Jane was walking next to Fred holding his arm to her almost bare boob. They stopped and Jane stood sort of behind him still holding his arm but she was now pressing her boobs into his back. Fred kept reaching down and adjusting the now bulging equipment in his pants with one hand while feeling Jane's smooth thigh with the other. Jane was being most cooperative; she moved around so that his hand was suddenly resting squarely on her crotch. Suddenly, she broke contact and ran towards the surf saying, "Oh look, a dolphin!"

Fred took a moment to recover from his abandonment, but when he did he wasted no time running up behind her asking where. He was pressing his crotch against Jane's back and she acted like she was so engrossed in pointing to the dolphins that she didn't notice.

Jane was watching the dolphins play and Fred knelt in the sand behind her. He had both arms around her waist and his crotch was pressed firmly against her legs. Jane reached back and put one arm around Fred's head and pulled his cheek to the side of her breast. Fred turned his head and rubbed his lips on the side of her breast, tentatively at first and when she didn't recoil he got bolder and opened his mouth and started kissing and licking her through the sheer material. Jane held his head and he reached up and held her boobs. She turned enough to let his mouth engulf her nipple.

Jane let that go on until Fred got his prick freed and was rubbing it on her leg as he sucked her tits through the sheer nylon top. With his head in her hands she made him stand up. Then she slid down him rubbing her tits on him until they were at his crotch. She pulled her top down and massaged his dick between her tits with both hands. He fucked her cleavage and when she rubbed his balls he shot off all over her chest.

"You guys sure do like to do that to us," Linda commented.

Fred collapsed onto the sand and told Jane how wonderful that felt. She said, "Well I certainly hope so." She pulled her wet top back up over her tits and they started walking back toward the house.

Linda and I ran to the golf-cart and we just managed to beat them back.

When Jane and I were alone in the bedroom, I asked her if Fred liked her sheer top. "I think so. He sure kissed it alot," she said all excited.

I played dumb, "Oh my God! Did you two screw?" I asked in mock-shock.

"Of course not. He just felt my tits and shot off on me," was her matter-of-fact reply. She showed me her wet top and she immediately noticed my raging hard on. "You want Fred to fuck me, don't you?" She asked accusingly.

"It would be a tremendous turn on," I admitted, "Wouldn't it turn you on to watch me screw Linda?"

"No, it wouldn't. We could never let that happen. After all, she is my little sister."

"She's not mine," I replied, probably too quickly and pleadingly.

"You want to fuck her and you want him to fuck me, is that it?"

"That pretty much sums it up," I laughed, guiltily.

"Well I'm first," was her surprise reply.

We knew that Fred would jump at the chance to fuck Jane but I wanted her to fuck us both. She really liked that idea so we figured out how to get it to happen. We decided to let Fred watch us fooling around and then when I caught him watching I would invite him to join us.

It happened quickly. Linda and Fred went to the beach. Fred can only take the boredom of lying in the sun for a little while; he always comes back about an hour before Linda. When he walked into the living room, Jane was sitting on my lap facing me. We were naked and I was sucking her tits.

Suddenly Jane said, "Oh my God, Fred's here!"

I stopped and Jane said, "No don't stop now, it feels too good!"

I went back to sucking her tits as planned and Fred started to leave. Then Jane said, "Oh Rob it feels so sexy to know that Fred is watching us. Fred, can you see Rob's dick in my cunt?"

"I sure can," he replied a little awkwardly.

She turned and looked over her shoulder and asked Fred if it made him hard. When he nodded his head yes, she said, "Let me see."

Fred gave me a questioning look and I said, "Do it Fred. I haven't seen her this turned on in years."

Fred dropped his bathing suit and stood there with a raging hard on.

"Rob, look how hard Fred's dick is because he wants to put it into my tight little body. Fred, do you want to put your hard dick head into my little wet pussy?"

He just nodded dumbly. "Play nice Rob, take your dick out of my cunt and let Fred put his in," she cooed.

I pulled out and Jane laid down on me pressing my hard dick between our stomachs. Fred stepped up behind Jane and she pressed her tits to my face and said, "Rob, Fred's dick is sliding into my pussy! I feel his big cock sliding deeper into my cunt. Oh yes, fuck me Fred!"

He pounded her until she started climaxing like I had never ever seen her climax.

"Fred, fuck me hard!" Fred held her boobs while I sucked them. "Oh God...Cum in my cunt!" she screamed as he grunted and began to shoot off. "Oh Yes! Pump it into me!"

Jane leaned back and said, "Oh my God; that was magnificent!" Then Jane dragged her dripping crotch up my sweaty body and lowered her cunt onto my face and said, "Now eat me out you bastard, you wanted this!"

I devoured her sloppy cunt and she climaxed again as she played with Fred's flaccid prick. My prick was throbbing but Jane would not let me cum. "You don't get to cum until I can watch you fucking Linda. But right now Fred needs to cum again."

Fred was hard again. Jane got on the floor and let him rub his prick all over her body. "Suck my balls," Fred ordered my slut wife. He straddled her head and dropped his balls on her face. Jane opened her mouth and sucked his nuts like candy. That really got him going and he said, "Now you really get fucked."

Fred picked her up and bent her over then, with her smiling at me, he did something I have never done: Fred pressed his hard dick against Jane's asshole... and she helped him get it in!

"Rob, your Brother-in-Law is fucking my virgin ass. Oh my god, that feels so nasty and wrong! Fred, I can't believe I'm letting you do this. Does it feel good?" Fred just moaned in delight.

"Rob, look close. Is he all the way in me?"

I went over to them and watched as Fred's dick slid deeper and deeper into my little wife's ass. She reached between her legs and pressed his balls against her cunt.

"Rob, suck my tits and finger my clit so I can climax," she directed, her tone soft and sweet as she bore down.

I was happy to comply with her request and laid under her hanging tits and sucked like a baby. I reached back to play with her cunt and when I felt Fred's dick going in and out of her asshole I almost blew my load. They climaxed together, then Linda screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

"Thank god you're here," I said, "I need to fuck you right now!"

"When did that become an option?" she asked indignantly, still wound up.

"When your husband fucked your sister."

With that Linda stormed out. I started to follow her but Fred stopped me saying, "When she gets like this, we need to let her cool down for a while."

Jane replied, "Bullshit!" and went after her.

Fred and I got dressed and went out to the porch. We opened a couple beers and started to discuss the situation. We discovered that we both loved our wives but lusted for the other sister. The girls were always competing with each other and when we looked back it wasn't so much that they wanted us as they wanted to show the other sister that they could. Linda really liked putting it to her older sister and knowing that I wanted her and Jane was proud that she could get Fred to cheat on his younger wife.

We, of course, were just two horny guys that liked having sex with these two sexy women.

It took about an hour for the girls to return. When they did they were dressed to the nines and they informed us that we were taking them someplace really nice for dinner. Fred and I changed and we took the boat to the mainland to eat at a waterside restaurant.

They were silent on the boat ride over. They waited until we were having desert to inform us that for the remaining five days of our vacation we were to swap partners. No threesomes, no foursomes only monogamous sex...WITH THE OTHER SPOUSE...