The Real Estate Agent

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to come into a little money. Actually, it was quite a sum. My divorce had been settled, all payments to my ex-wife were finalised and my lawyer informed me that there was little she could do to get her hands on any of the new cash. It was all mine!

Many ideas went through my head and, to be quite honest, it was nearly as much fun planning what I was going to do with the loot as it was actually spending it. Perhaps a nice flashy sports car or a luxury vacation? It took me nearly four weeks before I had decided but, in the end, boring sensibility and good advice got the better of me: Put the money into bricks and mortar buy a house of your own!

So, now it was my dubious pleasure to have to deal with more blood-sucking lawyers and encounter a whole new breed of leech-like animal: The real estate agent.

I already had many criteria fixed in my head. I was young(ish), free and once again single. I would entertain and fill the house with as many sexy young women as humanly possible. I needed at least two good-sized bedrooms, I reckoned, a well equipped kitchen, bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a garden with a barbeque area.

On the whole, most of the agents didn't listen to a word I said and insisted on showering me with details of small apartments and houses no better than I was currently living in. There was just one agent who seemed to understand what I wanted.

Coral Black was tall, blonde and very, very sexy and, if she ever decided to quit her life as a real estate agent, I reckoned she had a great future in modelling. But whilst all the other agents were calling me on a daily basis with their inane suggestions, I wouldn't hear from Coral for days sometimes weeks.

"Are you still selling houses?" I joked as, frustrated by her lack of contact, I decided to call her.

"I know what you want, Martin," she replied in a usual business-like fashion, "I'm just waiting for the right property. Have patience. Trust me, it will be worth it."

What would be worth it, I thought as I hung up the phone, would be a night alone with the naked Coral. THAT would be worth it!

It was another week before I heard from Coral Black again. I had just put down the phone after yet another unsuccessful call with one of the other agents when it rang again. Thinking it was probably the same airhead with another lame sales pitch, I answered curtly.

"Yes? What is it now?"


Although I had not spoken to her in several days, I recognised her voice immediately.

"Sorry, Coral. I thought you were somebody else." I was unused to her calling me and I hesitated for a moment before continuing. "Do you have any news for me?"

"Actually, Martin, I do."

Coral was all business now and went on to describe the house she had found for me. There was no hard-sell; no technique. It was almost a statement of fact: She had found exactly what I was looking for.

"And there are two added bonuses." She continued. "It has a lovely indoor swimming pool and it's in a good neighbourhood. Actually, my husband and I live in the next street!"

The excitement of thinking that I might soon be the owner of a house with it's own private pool was only a little overshadowed by Coral's disappointing revelation that she was married. But of course she was married, I admonished myself. Why wouldn't she be?

The house was every bit as good as Coral had said it would be. I'd met her the same evening so that she could show me around. It was perfect for me. All the furniture was to remain and the price was within my range.

"I'll take it," I said, "on one condition."

"Oh yes?" Coral replied with a half smile. "And what's that?"

"That you, er, and your husband of course, come round for drinks the first day I move in!"

"It's a deal!" Coral said. "We'll be happy to."

As always, these things take longer than one ever expects. Searches and registrations by the lawyers seemed to take forever and it was another six weeks before Coral was able to hand over the keys to me the new proud owner of my very own house.

"What time tonight?" She said as she turned to leave me to unpack. I had almost forgotten about my hastily extended invitation.

"Sorry, what?"

"What time would you like David and I to come over tonight? You invited us for drinks, remember?"

I didn't care that I probably wouldn't be unpacked for about ten years. The thought of seeing the lovely Coral again so soon even if she was accompanied by her husband was too much for a man like me to dismiss.

"Eight sound okay?"

My sexy estate agent smiled and nodded. "Guess we better bring swim-suits as well. The pool looks great, Martin!"

Actually, Coral's husband David and I got on very well and eight-thirty that evening found the three of us sitting in comfortable chairs out on the terrace and sipping a nicely chilled white wine. The last of the sun had disappeared behind a fiery horizon and a cool breeze was picking up. I watched as Coral pulled her jacket around her shoulders and shivered slightly. She looked amazing. A simple red summer dress that fell to just above her knees showed off her trim and lithe figure to perfection. Her tanned legs were long and tapered and her ample chest the subject matter of more than a few fantasies for me swelled delightfully every time she took a breath. The thought of this young woman in a bikini was doing terrible things to me!

"Er, didn't you say something about wanting a swim in the pool?" I asked hesitantly. I was sure that Coral had just been joking about the swimsuit. I didn't really expect an affirmative answer.

"I thought you'd never ask!" She cried, surprising and delighting me at the same time. "Is it okay to go through now, Martin?"

I nodded and smiled silently. I really wanted to see her in her swimsuit could it possibly be a bikini? But I had to remember the presence of her husband, David. Apart from anything he seemed more interested in finishing his drink than going into the poolroom.

"We'll join you in a minute, honey." David called after his wife as she disappeared inside.

So I was stuck watching Coral's husband sip his wine agonizingly slowly. What else could I do? We chatted aimlessly as I watched the liquid in his glass slowly diminish. It must have been a good ten minutes or more before he finally drained his glass and stood up.

"Suppose we better go see what Coral's up to then!" He said.

Coral had already switched a few of the lights on in the poolroom by the time we got there and I was struck at how the light glimmered off the rippling water. But that sight was quickly overshadowed by the glorious vision of Coral as she swam up and down. She seemed to glide effortlessly through the water and, yes, thank you God, she was wearing a bright yellow and pink bikini!"

David and I flopped down into deck chairs. There were a few overflowing packing cases jotted about and Coral's husband glanced idly into one near him.

"Hey, that a pretty cool digital camera!" He said nodding his head approvingly.

"I've not used it much," I replied, trying desperately to answer him without letting my eyes turn away from Coral, "I'm not very good with the technical stuff."

The air in the poolroom was hot and humid and I was reminded of how much wine we'd drunk. I was already feeling a little inebriated and, from the way that David's words were slurred, I guessed he was feeling much the same. He still had my unused camera in his hands and was turning it over in his fingers admiring the features.

"Mind if I take a shot?" He asked.

"Go ahead. Maybe you can get it to work!"

Coral was just ascending the pool steps. The water dripped from her gorgeous body and the bikini clung to her like a second skin. I was going insane with lust.

"Hey! What was that?" She said as the camera flashed and whirred.

"Come on, honey," David replied, "you know you like your picture taken. She could be a model, don't you think Martin?"

I nodded, hardly daring to tear my eyes away from the vision in front of me.

"But dressed like this?" Coral complained jokingly. "Oh, David. You're such a pervert sometimes!"

David laughed and clicked off another couple of photographs as his wife turned and walked towards us holding her hand out for the camera.

"Come on. Let me have it!"

"Come and get it then!" David laughed jumping up from the deck chair and dancing around Coral. He persisted in clicking off more and more shots as his wife stood patiently with her hands on her hips.

"You want a picture?" She asked, suddenly grinning wickedly. "How about this then!"

I gasped as Coral quickly pulled down one of the cups of her bikini top and exposed one large breast. It was only revealed for a second but it was enough for her husband to click off a quick shot.

"Oh David! I can't believe you took that picture!"

I couldn't believe what I had just seen. The vision of womanly flesh had disappeared as quickly as it had been revealed and I was left wondering if maybe it had just been a figment of my over-indulged imagination. But David was dancing drunkenly around and waving the evidence. I hadn't imagined it. Coral had flashed herself.

Eventually, David relented and the three of us crowded around the small screen on the camera to look at the picture.

"Oh, I can't believe I did that!" Coral laughed.

"I can't believe how stiff your nipple is!" David replied. "Look."

I looked at the picture. I had been looking all along, but now I was being given permission. Coral looked too.

"My nipples always get hard when I'm feeling sexy. You know that, David."

"Yeah! And now Martin knows it too!" David chuckled.

Was I hearing correctly? Had Coral just said that she was feeling sexy? Aroused? Excited?

"How about a few more poses then, honey?" David asked. He sounded like he was enjoying this as much as I was.

Coral giggled.

"You dirty old man!" she laughed. "So you want to photograph my tits do you? Well, I think we can do better than that!"

I stood speechless as my fantasy vision slipped the top of her bikini off and then peeled down the wet panties. I firmly believed that I was dreaming now, as she stood completely naked before us. Her breasts were large but still wonderfully firm and the pink nipples stood hard and erect from their aureoles. My eyes followed a line down her body, convinced that I would wake up at any moment. Her stomach was tight and flat and a silver stud through her navel glistened as a droplet of water meandered over it. The mound of her pussy was clean-shaven, the labia puffy and swollen and her long, slender legs tapered down to pretty feet with silver nail polish.

While I had been taking in this vision of loveliness, David had been clicking away with the camera. Coral turned this way and that, twisting her body to provide the best pose or position.

"One more shot left." David suddenly exclaimed. Make it a special one baby, okay?"

"Oh yes! A special one!" Coral repeated breathlessly. "How about this?"

Without a word, David's sexy and excited young wife dropped to the floor. She sat in front of us both. While her husband focused the camera she slowly spread her long, long legs. Her fingers went to her pussy and with an audible moan she pulled her labia wide open and began masturbating in front of us.

God, she really is horny!" David cried as he clicked off the final shot. "I think she's going to get herself off!"

I watched mesmerised as Coral's finger rubbed furiously back and forth over her visibly swollen clit. Her breathing was coming in short, ragged gasps now and her ass was lifting up and down from the tiles of the deck.

"There should be another memory card for the camera in that box." I gasped suddenly finding my voice. "You got to keep taking pictures!"

David rummaged again and with a cry of discovery held up the second card. The card was in the camera in a second and David just managed to get off another shot as his wife's body shook into a massive climax.

"I want more!" Coral moaned as she writhed about on the wet tiles. "Someone please eat me out!"

David and I looked at each other.

"After you, buddy!" he laughed and pointed at the obvious bulge in my shorts. "She got a sweet tasting pussy, man and you look about ready to burst!"

I didn't need to be asked twice and, quickly stripping off my shorts and shirt I dived between Coral's slender thighs.

My tongue was inside her pussy and swirling around her clit in a second. David was right; his wife had a beautiful tasting vagina and I greedily drank down her oozing sex fluid as she continued to tremble through a series of multiple orgasms. Her whole body was shaking and I could feel her hands on the back of my head crushing my willing lips to her most sensitive area.

I could see David standing above us. His shorts were around his ankles and he was stroking an impressive erection as he photographed his wife having oral sex with another man.

"Are you still cumming, baby?" He asked in a series of grunts as he continued to jerk his cock.

"Oh yes! I'm cumming. This guy has a great tongue!"

Slowly, I could feel Coral coming down from the waves of climax that had washed over her body. Her legs and feet twitched a little less now and she was beginning to get her breath back. David had put down the camera for a moment and was sitting next to her as she sat up. All three of us were as naked as the day we were born.

"You want me to suck you off, baby?" Coral purred as she rolled over and climbed up onto her hands and knees.

David smiled. His cock was hard as a rock and protruding proudly from his body.

"What do you think?" He said.

I watched, feeling a little like a spare part, as Coral crawled in between her husbands' thighs and took the head of his cock between her painted lips. David groaned deeply and closed his eyes for a second, clearly revelling in the wonderful sensations. When, a few seconds later, he opened his eyes again, he was staring straight at me.

"Seems silly to just sit there, Martin," he said calmly. "Coral just loves a cock in her ass. You think you could help her with that?"

Coral seemed completely pre-occupied with sucking on her husbands' penis and hardly seemed to notice as I swirled my fingers around inside her pussy to lubricated them. She did notice, however, when I slipped the tip of one wet digit inside the puckered hole of her tight anus.

"Oh yeah, honey!" She cried excitedly as she arose from David's cock for a moment. "In my ass. Fuck my ass, baby!"

Once I was sure that her back passage was well enough lubricated, I squatted over her hips and guided the head of my painfully throbbing tool into the small hole. She was lovely and tight and I sighed deeply as I felt the glorious friction that accompanies anal sex as I pushed deeper inside her.

Coral seemed to suffer no discomfort whatsoever as I began to ease my cock slowly in and out of her asshole. Her sounds of rapture were muffled as David's cock glided in and out of her mouth and I could tell that he probably wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. He was looking at me and smiling; smiling at a man who was at that moment ramming his cock deep into his wife's sweet ass. It was almost surreal.

"Nice and tight?" David breathed.

"Shit, yeah, man." I replied. "She seems to love a good butt-fucking!"

"Just wait until she starts squeezing you. You'll love it!"

As if on cue I felt my cock being gripped vice-like as Coral clenched her internal muscles. A long moan of ecstasy escaped my lips.

"I want all of your cum!" Coral cried suddenly. David's cock was out of her mouth and swung menacingly in front of her face. "Both of you! Cum for me now!"

I could feel her body relaxing it's grip on me and falling forward. My cock was sliding out of her ass and I could feel the warm air of the poolroom playing over my balls.

Coral sat between her husband and myself and spread her legs again. Her fingers danced inside her vagina, opening herself wide so that we could both see the juices that seeped from her slit. We stood above her. Both of our cocks were hard and swollen and we each rubbed our cock-heads over her face and hair, masturbating and cupping our balls.

"Ready?" David suddenly asked.

I wasn't sure if he were addressing his spread-legged wife or me. I answered anyway.

"I'm going to cum!" I groaned.

The surge of semen was almost simultaneous. Two cocks erupted thickly and two hands jerked as the cum flew. I looked down at Coral and saw her greedy mouth open wide as she swallowed as much of our emission as she could. But there was an awful lot of it! David placed one hand on the back of her head and tilted her backwards so that her cum-streaked face beamed up at us. Her mouth was awash. Her hair was matted and rivers of sticky male fluid trickled down over her upturned breasts and stiffened nipples.

As we all eventually managed to regain our composure, David spoke quietly.

"That was good, Martin. One of the best."

I was confused for a moment. Flattered but confused. David saw my bewildered look and continued.

"You're the fourth this month, Martin." He said. "But definitely the best. The last house that Coral sold was to a middle aged couple. She seduced the husband obviously but we were hoping that his wife would join in as well. She didn't; and the stupid woman caused a huge scene. Before them was a young single guy like yourself but he managed to cum before we had even really got started. Most disappointing and it left poor Coral with a desperate need for cock. I had to take her to a bar and touch her up under the table! She got so horny that she went out into the alley behind the bar and fucked the first guy that came along! A real knee-trembler!"

I was still speechless. Standing there with my limp cock hanging down I felt faintly ridiculous.

"Don't worry, Martin," Coral picked up where her husband had left off, "as David said, you were one of the best. Don't forget. If you ever want to buy another house, I'll be more than happy to help you!"

So that was it. David and his lovely wife departed abruptly and left me with nothing but the memory of a fantastic evening. I looked around my lovely house and wondered if it was worth selling just to see the two of them again. Perhaps I wouldn't bother unpacking just yet, I thought!

The End