Me, My Wife, and Her Best Friend

I met my wife when she was in high school and I was in college. We dated for a few years before getting married and have now been happily married for five years. My wife is 25, with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is 5'7", has a nice body with a small waist, and perfect 34-B breasts. Her face is angelic with tiny freckles; she is a real cutie!

I'm pleased to say that we still have a good sex life. Since we met, we've had sex at home, in the car, at the park, you name it. She has given me blow jobs in movie theatres with people sitting in the row in front of us, while driving in traffic, and just about any other time she can get at my cock. She even likes getting fucked in the ass! Our relationship has always been monogamous; I have never cheated on her, or been with anyone else since the day we met and I know she would never cheat on me either. I have no complaints.

Since we met, she has been close to her best friend CJ. People always think they are sisters because they look so much alike. Although CJ is a little smaller than my wife - thinner build, smaller tits, and slight hips - she is very attractive. CJ's eyes are green and she has a larger smile, AKA sexy mouth! CJ has always been the more outgoing one, always looking for attention from the guys. My wife is the more reserved, sophisticated one.

We've all become good friends in the past few years and my wife and I are always interested to hear about CJ's much more free lifestyle. As she is single, she always goes to great parties, bars, etcetera, while we, the 'old married couple' hear about it afterwards.

During the past few years, CJ always seemed to be struggling to make ends meet. She went from odd job to odd job, waitressing, etc. Then suddenly, she began to have a lot more spending money, bought herself a new car, and was looking sexier than ever. I thought she found a new job, a new guy, or just a new passion in her life.

Then, one night at dinner, my wife dropped the bomb: CJ did have a new job... stripping! I was surprised to say the least. CJ always was outgoing, but taking off her clothes at a bar was beyond anything I could ever imagine her doing. But there it was, my wife telling me that her friend danced for money at a dive-bar in town. My mind immediately went to work!

I had always secretly thought about getting with CJ sometime, especially those times she stayed late at our house and watched movies or hung around. We have gone swimming a few times and I loved seeing her small tits and ass in a bikini while I hid my raging hard-on. I never thought anything would happen but the daydreams always cheered me up!

But now I began to imaging CJ taking off her clothes on stage, grinding to the music, revealing her young, smooth body to dirty old men and sailors in from a long cruise. Just as I was starting to imagine more, my wife startled me from my fantasies.

"Don't even think about it," she said, "You can't go see her show; that would make you look at her differently and I wouldn't want you to get all hard over my friend."

Like I wasn't already hard over CJ! My wife told me that CJ was not really becoming a stripper, but that she was using the job to make some money to get herself on the right track. CJ swore she would stop stripping in a few months when she saved some money. But for me, I couldn't stop thinking of her on stage and I just had to see it for myself.

One night, when my wife was working late on a project at her office, I decided to see CJ's show for myself. I dressed different than my usual style, put on a hat, and a jacket, and drove to her club. I checked to see if CJ's car was out front and, when it was, I knew this would be my chance.

I paid the cover, walked in, and looked for a seat towards the back of the room so CJ wouldn't spot me right away. There was a nice looking blonde with big tits dancing on stage and several others girls in very short skirts serving drinks. The room was small and there must have been around forty men sitting around watching, drinking, and smoking. And then, I saw CJ. Sitting with a couple of young Navy boys at the far end of the room was CJ, flirting and joking and looking gorgeous. She was dressed in a short black skirt and tight white top.

I was nervous. What if she saw me... and called my wife... and busted me. My wife would be pissed and I wouldn't get fucked for a week. I took a chance. One of the waitresses came and sat in my lap, her tits barely staying in her halter top. I ordered a beer and she went off to get it. As my beer was dropped off, I saw CJ walking into a back room where the girls got ready for their dances. I could hardly control myself as I waited excitedly for CJ's dance.

As the blonde who was presently on stage finished dancing to her second song, I saw CJ walk out of the back room. She was wearing a white lacy teddy that barely covered her ass, and I could see her tits showing through the top. The now-totally naked blonde dancer picked up her money, took a bow to show her ass to the crowd, and walked off stage. The announcer then said, "Gentlemen, give a warm welcome to one of our favorite girls, our own hometown sweetheart...CJ."

The crowd gave her a loud applause drowned out by drunken hollers and cat-calls. As a great song came on, CJ walked in a very sexy way towards the stage and jumped up on it. She looked great in that see-through teddy. She walked around, teasing the old guys sitting up at the stage. She played with her finger in and around her beautiful mouth, sucking it in and out, driving us all wild. She would pull the teddy up to reveal her silky thong panties, showing her great ass to everyone. Then she reached up, and slipped the teddy straps off her shoulders and the teddy gracefully slid down her body to the dance floor.

There she was, topless with only a tiny white thong. Her tits were small but sexy, her nipples hard and jutting. CJ danced around for a minute more, rubbing her tits, and placing with her finger in her mouth. Then she hooked her index fingers at each side of her thong panties, and slowly slid them down, over her ass, and to the floor as she bent over. She was facing away from me so I got a perfect look up at her ass. Then, she looked right at me, head down between her legs, eye to eye. I almost came in my pants it was so hot, but I dared not more in fear that I might be recognized.

She stood up and showed us all her amazing body. She was shaven with only a little light brown tuft of pubic hair above her lips. She looked so sexy! A second song had come on, and her dancing got sexier as she dropped down on her knees, and started playing with her pussy. CJ turned her ass towards a few old men sitting right up on the railing of the stage, looked back around her side, and with her hands back under her, she parted her pussy lips and showed off her beautiful love-hole. Money was flying onto the stage and the men sitting up close dropped twenties on her ass and next to her. She turned around, sat on her ass, and spread her legs wide, almost in a splits, giving us all quite a sight as she smiled widely. She then moved to another area of the stage and squatted down, facing the men, and let them get closer to her pussy. I'm sure they could smell her sex box, they were so close.

I couldn't take it any longer, I got up and moved to an empty seat along the side of the stage. CJ noticed a new voyeur so she made her way towards me. She turned with her back to me, and bent forwards, exposing her pussy and puckered asshole to me. She looked so good, I wanted to jump up on stage and fuck her right there in front of everyone. She was bent at a 90-degree angle and put her left hand on her left knee, and looked down between her legs towards me. She then took her other hand, between her legs, and inserted a finger into her pussy. As her long, slender finger disappeared into her snatch, she smiled at me, winked, and blew me a kiss. She withdrew the finger, all covered in juices, and placed it at the door of her ass, smiled, and pushed it in. As she worked the finger in and out of her tiny asshole, she looked at me, never breaking eye contact, and whispered, "If your wife knew you were here, she'd kill you."

I didn't know what to do. CJ knew it was me, and she knew I was in trouble. The song ended and CJ walked around, picked up more cash from the dance floor, blew kisses to those sitting around the stage, and walked off, back to the changing room. I got up and walked out of the club. As I drove home, I tried to think of a plausible story that would keep my wife from being pissed at me. I'll just tell her the truth. I got horny, went to see CJ dance, and will never do it again. But the thought of CJ dancing and playing with her pussy and ass made me hard again.

I walked into the house, hiding my raging hard-on and was greeted with a hug and kiss from my wife. She asked me about my day and I just grunted and sat on the couch in front of the TV. She talked and talked about her day and I hardly listened as I thought about breaking the news to her. Then, in the middle of her chattering, my ears perked up.

"I talked to CJ tonight, and she said she'd stop by in a while to hang out," my wife said. Did CJ tell my wife or did she intend on telling her in front of me so she could watch the fireworks? I'd have to sweat it out for another 45 minutes and find out. I contemplated telling her myself but chickened-out in the end.

CJ showed up dressed in the same skirt and tight top I first saw her in earlier that night. She said "hi," and winked at me when my wife wasn't looking. She talked with my wife about girl stuff for a while and I listed intently to see if she gave me up. Then CJ said,

"You know, I was thinking, you guys have never seen my dance bit, and I'd love to show it to you here so you don't have to come down to the club where all sorts of lonely, horny men hang around," her eyes were focused on me during that last bit, "I'd love your feedback on my routine. You'd tell me if I'm good or not, right?"

My wife looked at me, and I just nodded a supportive approval, trying desperately not to look too eager.

"Sure, CJ, I'd rather you show us here and keep him from going to that club and drooling over other women we don't know as well," my wife said, a little hesitantly, obviously not one-hundred-percent convinced about this plan.

With my wife's consent, CJ went over to the stereo and started the CD player. One of my wife's Alanis Morrisette CD's came on and CJ went to work. As my wife and I sat on the sofa, CJ slowly rocked her body back and forth, slowly sliding her top off, revealing a sexy lacy pink bra. She then slid the tight skirt down her legs and kicked it off. There she was, in my living room, in matching lacy pink bra and thong panties. She danced around and undid her bra, tossing it at me with a big smile on her face. She then pulled down the panties and stood in front of us, buck-naked, like a prize.

I looked over and saw my wife transfixed on CJ's snatch, almost drooling. I took it as a sign that she was interested in more than a strip show. I reached out and grabbed CJ's hands, pulling her close to me. She came along easily, and I pulled her all the way to my face and kissed her. She kissed me back, pushing her tongue into my mouth to meet mine. I broke the kiss and looked over at my wife. She looked at me, smiled, and said, "If you have to be attracted to someone else, I'd rather it be my best friend than a tramp at work or at a bar. Go for it!"

With that, CJ pulled off my shirt and started working on my zipper. She busted out my cock and slipped my shoes and clothes off. CJ looked hungrily at my cock, looked at my wife as if for approval, and received an approving nod. CJ took my dick in her mouth and sucked it hard. Her mouth was so good and she was such a great cock sucker. I closed my eyes and laid back, enjoying the sucking sounds she made and the sensations that came with them. I could feel her moaning and the vibrations felt great on my cock. She moaned more and more. I opened my eyes and found out why, my wife was working her fingers in CJ's pussy and caressing her back and ass with her other hand. My wife pulled CJ off of my cock, helped her down to the floor, and spread her legs out wide.

My wife looked at me and said, "Come over her and make love to her like you do to me. Show her how much you love her."

I couldn't believe my ears. My wife was asking me to fuck her best friend while she watched! I knelt down, put my dick at the entrance to her pussy, and teased her with it. I rubbed it up and down her crack, up to her clit, and down to her ass. Then, I entered her with about an inch of my dick, holding myself up with my arms so that only our genitals were touching. I went in and out, going just a little deeper with each thrust. I was in no hurry so I gave her an inch at a time. In and out and she moaned more with each thrust. After a couple of minutes, I leaned forward and gave her the full prize. I was in to the hilt, all the way in to where I found pressure from her insides. I stopped and rested it there, enjoying my first fuck of this new pussy. I leaned on her with more weight, then I went to work on her, with slow, deep thrusts, in a loving and passionate fuck. CJ moaned quietly, almost a whisper, and talked to me, "Fuck me, harder, harder..."

CJ moaned but I resisted. I wanted to make love to her and make it last as long as I could hold my cum in. After a few more minutes of fucking, my wife pulled me off of CJ, laid me on my back, and had CJ mount me. My dick went right back to work on CJ's pussy. As I rocked back and forth with CJ on my cock, my wife stood over me, facing CJ and squatted, and bringing her pussy to my face.

My tongue darted in and out of her soaked pussy, and I licked her pussy lips like never before. My hands went to CJ's tits and kneaded them for a while before I gently pulled on her nipples. I couldn't see anything except my wife's pussy, but I heard the girls whispering to each other. They both moaned in unison, with the pitch and volume steadily increasing. I felt the girls get closer together and then heard a new sound -- They were kissing, softly exploring each others' mouths. I couldn't take it any longer, I started moaning and my wife knew what was coming, literally.

I started bucking my hips and knew I was about to blow my wad. At the same time, my wife moaned and said, "Cum inside her honey, just like it were me you were fucking."

Always happy to oblige my wife's requests, I let go and came inside CJ's sweet pussy. She moaned louder when the first spurt hit her insides, and she came at the same time the second spurt burst from me. Her juices flowed down my cock to my balls but she just kept rocking, milking every drop of cum out of me. Then, as I was finishing squirting my last pulse of cum into CJ, my wife came, her juices covering my tongue and mouth. I lapped it up eagerly. Her taste is so sweet; I never get enough of it.

Orgasm subsided, my wife rolled off my face, while CJ stayed impaled on my cock. My cum was oozing out of us, and down to my balls. My wife stood up, placed her hands on CJ's shoulders, and helped her spin around on my cock to face away from me. Still inside her, my cock was starting to soften when my beautiful wife surprised me again. My wife laid down between my legs, and cleaned the oozing mixture of my cum and CJ's juices from my balls, the base of my cock, and from CJ's pussy. She licked us both as CJ sat with my dick inside her pussy. I started to harden again from the feeling and the thought of my usually-conservative wife playing clean-up crew on us both.

Once we were clean, CJ stood up and helped my wife to the couch. CJ sat my wife down on the couch, spread her legs and said to me, "Now come fuck your wife like a husband should."

I jumped over to her, and inserted my dick into the pussy I've loved for so many years. We worked well together and we still fucked with love and lust. As I was fucking my wife, bending over almost kneeling, CJ came up from behind, and started licking my ass and balls. She licked me and then would go down towards my wife and like her pussy as my cock slide in and out. CJ took one of my balls into her mouth an gently sucked on it. Then she took a finger, soaked it with my wife's pussy juices, and inserted it into my wife's asshole. The double fucking she was getting sent my wife into a powerful, screaming orgasm.

As my wife she came down from her euphoria, CJ took her finger out of my wife and slid it into my ass. I had never had anything in there before but her dainty finger was heavenly as I fucked my wife. My cock got harder than it's ever been as I fucked now with total abandon. CJ finger fucked my ass and stuck another one back into my wife's asshole. CJ finger fucked us both as I finally came inside my wife, shooting a truckload of cum in a few long squirts. As I was cumming, my wife came in a fit of screams and moans, panting, pulling on my hair, and squeezing my arms. CJ stopped the ass-fucking but kept her fingers in us both as we came down from the incredible orgasms.

We all just fell into each others' arms on the couch and fell asleep. In the morning, we all had breakfast and talked about how great it is to have friends you can share everything with. We have since gotten together on a regular basis. My wife never found out about my trip to the strip joint to see her friend, but it doesn't matter now, I have my own stripper at home!