I was on fire today. Wearing my sexy sundress without bra or panties, just my dress and a pair of pumps. The dress was short, coming down to mid-thigh and if I leaned over far enough, anyone behind me would be able to see I wasn't wearing any panties. From the other end, the dress, while quite form-fitting, was loose enough that in that same position, anyone in front of me could see straight down the top! I was have so much fun teasing the salesman at Godiva Chocolatier, that I almost didn't notice the man walk into the shop. It was a rather warm summer's day on Market Street in Charleston, SC.

The man was tall with radiant blue eyes that were burning a hole through the bottom of my dress. His hair was slightly slick from sweat, as was his face. He wiped the sweat from his hands on the back of his jeans and approached the counter. I stopped leaning forward, much to the dismay of the salesman as he ringed up my order of sweets. The man ordered a single treat, paid, and popped it in his mouth. I could see from his cheeks how he swirled it around in his mouth with his tongue, wishing he was swirling something else. I introduced myself to him.

"I'm Bryan," he replied, swallowing his chocolate and taking my hand in his. His knelt and kissed my hand. How gentlemanly, I thought. A wicked idea popped into my head and I asked if he was busy and if he'd like to escort me while I did some shopping. He smiled and politely agreed as I led him by the hand out the store and across the street.

Every now and then a little wind would catch my dress and flip it up, giving him and everyone around us a view of my treasures below. I took him down King Street, passing a few shops and plenty of back alleys, turning and taking him down Princess Street to the Brooks Brothers. I told him I wanted to try on some shoes since my feet were getting sore.

We went into the shoe department and I picked out a few pairs while he found a seat for me to try them on. It was one of those old-fashioned seats with a leather cushion and an angled mirror so that you could look down and see the shoes. Grabbing a pair of similar pumps, I sat down and removed my shoes. He knelt down in front of me, helping me put the new ones on. As he did, I deliberately parted my legs, allowing him a few of my now very wet pussy. He swallowed hard as he stared, trying hard to look away, but failing. With the shoes finally on, I stood up and looked in the mirror, twisting and turning, posing my legs and feet. They looked good. At the angle he was kneeling at, Bryan had a perfect view up my dress through the mirror.

As I twisted and turned it opened the dress up, baring more of my womanhood to him. I sat back down again, "I like them, but all these shoes are just too expensive!" I said, and pulled them off.

Again, I parted my legs, allowing him a view up my dress. He never even attempted to hide the fact that he was looking, nor the significant bulge forming in his pants. I got up and put the shoes back on the shelf. He rose and followed.

"Sorry," I said to him, "I know how much you liked them," and with that, I grabbed his package and gave it a playful squeeze as I winked at him. I moved my hand from his crotch back to his hand and pulled him back out of the store.

I pulled him back to King Street and before crossing the road, stopped short and turned to face him. He bumped into me as intended and he stared down confused but then grinned as he noticed the view straight down my exposed cleavage. I pushed my chest against him and he could feel my nipples harden through the thin material. I gave him a wicked grin and said,

"Always check before you cross the road," and dragged him across it.

I let go of his hand and raced down the walk. He quickened his pace to catch up, but lingered back far enough to get a better view of my dress flailing in the wind. I peaked into a dark alley and seeing it was deserted, tucked in. I poked my head out and motioned with my finger for him to follow. When he turned the corner, he got a face full as I had lifted my dress up over my breasts. I quickly lowered my dress, laughing as I did and ran back into the street. He followed and this time I slowed my pace and allowed him to catch up.

I offered him my hand and he eagerly accepted it.

"You're quite the tease," he told me, more of a compliment than a complaint.

I just grinned a sexy, wicked grin in reply and moved my hand from his and pulled him close by the waist, then dropped my hand down to his butt, giving it a squeeze. I left my hand there and his, wrapped around my shoulder and then slowly moved lower, down my side to my butt and gave it a squeeze in kind.

His hand, however did not remain still as we walked. It preferred to drop lower down to my thigh and then up it came, under the thin fabric of my dress. His hand felt amazing on my skin and I was getting wetter by the minute. I needed to fuck him and soon. His hand moved from my far cheek over to the closer one. My head leaned on his shoulder as we walked up the street. People walking by us thought nothing of it, though I'm sure anyone behind us knew what we were up to. Time seemed to slow down as we walked, his finger had managed to wiggle it's way up into my moist hole. He was driving me nuts, my penance for teasing him.

Then I spotted it, just past Hassell Street, a Victoria's Secret. I move my hand back to his and pulled him running down the strip. We got there and I pulled him into the shop. We walked around a bit and asked him if he saw anything he liked. He pointed out a sheer lilac baby-doll. I grabbed one my size and had the shop attendant show me into the fitting rooms. I dashed into one that was visible by the main area where Bryan was standing, waiting. I closed the curtain just over halfway, so he could still see me. The attendant had gone back to her duties and hadn't taken notice. I slipped off my dress and slid on the sheer nighty. I adjusted it and turned to see Bryan. He was grinning and his cock pressed hard against his over-strained jeans. I motioned for him to come to me. He looked around, spotting the attendant, then quickly tucked into the cramped stall, completely closing the curtain. His hand went straight for my pussy, fingers sliding effortlessly into my burning wet hole. I threw my arms around his neck and he pulled my by the butt with his other hand into him until our lips locked in a passionate kiss. His fingers played my cunny like an expert musician. I didn't want to wreck the item, as I had no intention of buying it, so I pushed him out of the stall giggling, and quickly threw my dress back on. I grabbed him by the hand and ran out the store, dropping the nighty on the counter as we left. As soon as we hit the street, I felt his hand steer me and I followed.

He took me down a back alley and almost threw me against the wall. I lunged at him, kissing him deeply while my hands worked at removing his pants. I unbuckled his belt, and broke our kiss, as I slide his pants down to his ankles. His cock was hard and pointing up at me. His boxers quickly followed his pants, allowing his prick to spring free. I grabbed it and greedily sucked it into my mouth. I lavished it in a tongue bath as I tasted his sweet pre-cum. I could feel him starting to tense. He lifted me up and spun me 'round. I braced myself up against the wall as he lifted the back of my dress. His hand guided the tip of his cock to my sopping hole. He positioned himself there and then thrust, deep into me. I could feel him pressing at me from all directions. He filled me and pushed deeper than I thought possible before relaxing and gliding back out. He paused halfway and then thrust hard again. He held me down by my hips as his thrusts grew quicker and quicker. The feeling of him inside me pushed me over the edge and my body spasmed as my orgasm overtook me. He held me up, my involuntary clenching and shaking drove him over the edge and he emptied his load deep inside me. He leaned into me and we turned to our sides, leaned up against the brick wall, both spent and exhausted.

He looked deeply into my hazel eyes and kissed me. A long passionate kiss from one lover to another. His hands found my breasts and caressed them. My hands found his cock and slowly stroked it back to erection. I dropped slowly to my knees and put him in my mouth for the second time. He tasted of our mixed juices and I hungrily licked him clean. He took off his shirt and laid it on the ground. He laid back on it and I mounted him, sliding his cock back into me. His cum still dripping out as I began grinding my hips into him, pushing him as deep into me as I could, letting gravity aid my cause. His hands met my breasts and caressed them softly, teasingly. I felt a second orgasm hit me as I ground his cock against my g-spot. He caught me in time, and let his fingers pinch my nipples sending bolts of pleasure throughout my body. I collapsed on top of him and felt him soften inside me. I slipped off and lay, curled up beside him, his strong arm holding me tight. We kissed and were interrupted by the sound of a horn honking. Reality setting in, we got up and dressed, then exited the alley, hand-in-hand. Not sure if anyone saw us, by the grins of a few passer-bys, we knew some people had at least heard us. We chuckled at each other as we walked down the street. Charleston is definitely a place to remember.