Camping Weekend

It was the beginning of summer and the weather was good for camping: sunny, no wind and no rain. We are usually a fairly large group that like going camping together, but this particular weekend only my wife, myself, and another unmarried couple decided to go away for the weekend.

At the last minute, Anna had a family crisis and could not go along, but her partner John was more than willing to accompany us.

We had already decided to go to our favorite isolated camping site. It wasn't a formal campsite and therefor had no amenities. It was at the end of a rather long beach, situated on a grassy spot just above a bit of rocky shoreline. Behind we were sheltered by dunes.

With the area being rugged and difficult to access, we kept luggage to the minimum, taking along a single tent for all of us and one mattress to share.

Friday evening we arrived, pitched the tent, cooked dinner over an open fire and then heated water over the open fire for our nightly ablutions. This was a fairly complicated business as, once the water was warm enough, we carried the can down to a flatish rock and there disrobed. Once we had all wet ourselves, we soaped and rinsed before drying and dressing. Usually we all just stripped down to our underwear or swimsuits, but on this evening us men decided to just strip right down and, with our encouragement, so did my wife. The chilly night air stiffened my wife's nipples and John had a hard time concealing his erection.

After the busy week, we were all tired and fell into bed, my wife taking up the middle position with myself and John lying on either side. During the night she whispered in my ear that when John was lying behind her she could feel his erection and that she was excited by it.

The next morning we were all up bright and early. After preparing and enjoying our breakfast we set about collecting firewood for later. The sun was shining brightly and we collected towels, sun-shades, drinks, and snacks and walked the 100 metres to the beach and settled in for a day of reading, sun-bathing, fishing and just general relaxation. With the beach being so secluded, we all sun-bathed nude. My wife is good looking, well toned and not too skinny. With the bit of tan she already had, she looked like a peach waiting to be plucked.

When John was not overtly looking, I would stroke her breasts, tickle her belly and lay my hand flat on her smooth shaven mound. Her breasts became swollen and full and her whole body glistened from the sunscreen she had smoothed all over herself.

John asked her if she would rub sunscreen on his back as this was the only place he could not reach. I watched as she knelt behind him with her breasts just brushing across his back as she rubbed in sunscreen, not just across his back, but his buttocks as well. I could see her hands lingering across his hips and down his thighs.

Towards late afternoon we made our way back to the tent. The fire was lit, and we enjoyed drinks on the rocks while watching the sun set. After dinner it was time for bathing and this evening it was much warmer. We stripped down and this time instead of each person bathing him or herself, my wife took the sponge and bathed us. She took turns rubbing hot soapy water all over our bodies, taking special care with our genital areas before rinsing us very carefully and patting us dry. Now it was our turn to bathe her. We each took a warm soapy sponge and started washing her. Starting at her neck, we took our time about washing her all the way down to her toes. Taking care to carefully hold and rub her breasts, buttocks and mound. Then she was treated to a rinse and patted dry.

Both John and I had erections which neither of us bothered to hide. She held us both gently and giggled.

This time none of us bothered dressing for bed -- just slipping under the sheet. My wife laid close to me with very little space between her and John. During the course of the night she whispered to me that once again she could feel Johns erection and that this time it was huge and that the pre-cum was dripping.

I whispered back asking her what she would like to do -- I could see that John's erection was exciting her. She said that she would love to feel his penis inside her with me aware, but silent. Giving her the go-ahead, I pretended to be asleep as she moved closer to John. I could hear the rustle of the sheet as she put her hand around his erection and started rubbing motions. John gave a token protest and then turned towards her. I could hear their heavy breathing and the smell of sex filled the tent. By now, I too was hard as a rock. Keeping my promise in mind, I kept quiet while feeling my throbbing penis searching for relief.

My wife guided John's erect penis to her opening and I could hear his groan when he entered her. She steadied him, telling him to take his time, but this was not to be. After a few hard thrusts, he could not contain himself and came with a massive shudder. In the silence of the tent, I could hear him groan from sheer relief. Shortly thereafter, he fell asleep leaving the musky scent of semen filling the air.

I laid very still, but could hear from my wife's breathing that she was neither asleep nor satisfied. I turned towards her and guided her hand to my quivering penis. Putting my hand on her mound, I could feel the wetness of sperm mixed with her juices. Her hips rose to meet my hand and she squirmed to my touch. I gently rubbed her swollen clitoris, feeling her shudder from pleasure. Inserting a finger inside her, I started rubbing her while she stroked my hard penis, using the pre-cum as lubricant. I finger-fucked her until she came in a long, hard shudder and when she turned toward me, I entered her and rode her hard and fast until I could feel myself explode inside her. We fell asleep with me still hard inside her.

The following morning we woke to another beautiful day and the sure knowledge that the night would bring us more pleasure.