Camping Trip

Saturday mornings must have something special in them - they seem so much better than all the rest - and this fine Saturday morning was no different. It was six in the morning and I was just finishing my last minute packing for the camping trip. My best friend from high school, Jake Ryan, had invited me on a camping trip with his family. We were both heading to different colleges; I decided to take the opportunity as one last adventure for some time to come. Going on the trip were Jake's mom and dad, his sisters Sara and Piper, his girlfriend Stacey, Jake and myself.

I heard when their minivan pulled up and I said my goodbyes to my mom and dad and headed outside. I greeted Jake in my driveway and tossed him my bag, which he threw in the back, then motioned me in the van. Jake's mom was shotgun; Jake and Stacy were in the middle row leaving the sisters and me in the last row. I had known Jake and his family ever since we were kids so Sara and Piper, who were a couple years older at 22 and 24, were almost like sisters and they treated me as such. They both clung to their window seats knowing it would be a precious commodity for the long drive ahead, forcing me in the middle.

"So Lewis, ready for the outdoors?" questioned Jake's dad.

"You bet," was my reply, trying to sound as enthusiastic as I could, eliciting slight chuckles from Piper and Sara.

About a half hour into the drive to the campground, I found myself staring at the headrest in front of me. Jake and Stacy had their earphones on, watching some movie on their portable DVD player. Sara and Piper had both fallen asleep. Another five minutes passed and I noticed Sara, who was to my left, shifting in an effort to find a comfortable position. Then, in her sleepy haze, she leaned over to me, resting her head on my shoulder before finally settling down. I tried not to move for fear of waking her. I looked down at her and was surprised to see the view being offered; Down past Sara's long brunette hair, I could see into her plaid shirt, of which, the first two buttons were unbuttoned. As I gazed guiltily, I could see the cups of the black lace bra holding her petite breasts, pushing them together. It was a remarkable sight and I was taking full advantage. My eyes were now fixated on Sara's chest and it was a shock to me when a couple minutes later, I felt Piper tap me on the shoulder. It was almost as if I had forgotten she was there. I embarrassingly turned to her; she just looked at me with a coy grin and silently mouthed the words, "Naughty boy," after which, she leaned her head back and went to sleep.

I didn't know what to make of it and for fear of being caught again, I slipped on my earphones, turned on my iPod, and tried to go to sleep.

"Hey lovebirds, wake up, we're here."

I was awoken by Jake's comments to which, at first, I was confused by but then I realized my head resting in the crook of Sara's neck, staring straight down at her chest. Sara and I had basically entangled ourselves while we slept. She too was just waking up and looked down at me with a shy smile saying, "Wow Lewis, you make for a nice pillow, thanks."

"Anytime," I awkwardly replied as we made our way out of the van.

After we picked out a decent campsite, we set up the tents. There were three tents, one for Jake's parents, one for the girls, and one for Jake and I. The tents were up in no time at all so Jake and I decided to try our hands at some fishing. We made our way out to the middle of the lake with a rowboat and cast our lines. After a few small catches, I turned my view to our campsite and saw that the girls had put on bathing suits and were just lying out in the sun. We were too far out for me to see anything but that didn't stop me from trying. It was weird though, every couple of glances I could swear that I could make out Piper staring right back at me, at which point I would avert my gaze.

Before too long, we noticed it was starting to get dark and decided to head in. Jake looked to me inquisitively before speaking, "Hey man, I need to ask you something before we head in."

"Sure thing, shoot," I replied.

"Well, it's this tent thing," his words stumbled out, "Stacy and I were talking and I convinced her to sneak into our tent around one in the morning, so I hate to put you in this position but could you sleep outside when she comes over?"

"Dude, I'll freeze out there," I said, annoyed with his selfishness.

"Come on, you have your sleeping bag, just take one for the team, you know I'd do it for you," his eyes pleaded with me.

"OK, OK, but you owe me Jake... big time."

"Cool, thanks man, I really appreciate it," he said with a smile as we began to paddle in.

When we got back, everyone was around the fire just chatting.

"So where's dinner?" Jake's mom teased.

"Threw it back; they were too small," Jake replied.

As evening turned into night, the temperature plummeted and the notion of sleeping outside was just dawning on me. It was going to be a long night, I figured. After getting washed up and grabbing something to eat, we all sat around the campfire just talking, telling stories and remembering old times. Before long we were saying our good-nights and heading to our tents. This was around 11pm. I managed to get a couple hours of sleep in before Jake, shaking my shoulder, awoke me.

"Hey, Lew, Stace is here," he whispered.

I looked up and saw Stacy waiting at the opening of our tent.

"Hey Stacy," I managed to say in my sleepy state.

"Hi Lew, thanks so much," she replied as I gathered my sleeping bag and made my way out.

"Have fun," I quipped and walked passed her as she blushed at the comment.

As I exited the tent, the chilly mountain air greeted me and a shiver ran though my body. I lay my sleeping bag down next to the fire and started to get in. Before I tucked into my bag, I heard the zip from one of the tents opening. I didn't know which tent it was and just prayed it wasn't Jake's parents'. I looked to the tent and saw Piper stick her head out and cast her gaze my way.

"Hey, what's going on?" she whispered.

"Um, I guess Stacy and Jake wanted some alone time," came my reply.

"Ahh, I see, sucks for you," she chuckled.

"I guess," I didn't know what else to say but my body was already responding to the cold as it shivered slightly.

"Well you can't stay out here; you'll catch pneumonia or something."

"Nah, I'll be fine."

"Don't be ridiculous Lewis, you can bunk with us, come over here."

"That's really not necessary Piper, I don't want to wake Sara."

Not really wanting to have to endure the cold all night, I gave in and made my way over to the girls' tent. Piper ushered me in, zipping up the door behind me. I had to admit, the warmness of the tent was hugely comforting. Sara, who was in her sleeping bag, greeted me with a smile.

"Hey Lewis, must be pretty chilly out there," she whispered.

"Yeah, it's freezing, you guys are lifesavers."

I turned back to Piper who was dressed rather conservatively due to the cold.

"OK Lew, you're in the middle again, since you had so much fun last time," she said with a wink.

I looked back to Sara who had a look of confusion on her face, not knowing what Piper meant by her comment. Piper got into her sleeping bag as I laid my own between the two girls.

"Goodnight guys, and no free peep shows this time Lewis," teased Piper.

"OK, what are you two on about?"

"Oh, I don't know if Lewis would want me to tell you, you might get angry with him," Piper retorted.

"Wait, if this involves me, then you definitely have to tell me," Sara demanded, as she looked over at me.

I didn't know what to do, or how she would react to hearing that I had been stealing peeks of her breasts in the car while she slept. I embarrassingly looked up at Piper who could not wipe the smile off her face.

"Well Sara, seems Lewis had a bit of fun today while you were sleeping," she said, bringing an even more confused look to Sara's face.

"What do you mean?" Sara questioned.

"Let's just say, maybe you should have buttoned up before you left the house this morning," Piper teased, obviously enjoying her little game.

Sara instinctively looked down at her chest and then realized what Piper meant by peep show. After a few seconds of processing her thoughts, Sara looked at me in disgust.

"You little perv! You were looking at my breasts while I slept?!?" she shrieked in a hushed voice.

I was frozen; I couldn't mutter a word, let alone an explanation.

"Well? Don't just lie there, explain yourself," she continued.

I looked over to Piper for some sort of consolation but only found her to be savouring every minute. I turned back to Sara, whose face had grown red.

"Sara, look, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to," I tried to stammer an explanation.

"Didn't mean to what? Take advantage of me while I slept?" she interrupted.

"It's just... I looked down and they were there, and I couldn't look away."

"Well you got a free show, so now I want my free show," Sara demanded, almost too quickly.

"Oooo, this is an interesting turn," Piper chimed in.

I looked at them both; now I was the one with the confused look.

"Don't just sit there, you heard me, you got yours, now I want mine," Sara commanded.

"Alright, you heard her," Sara said with a gleeful smile, "now, on with my show!"

I looked over to her and started to slowly remove my shirt.

"Woohoo," Sara sarcastically yelled, though still quiet enough not to be overheard from the other tents.

I slipped my fingers into the waistband of my track pants, and slipped them off, tossing them in the corner. I was now kneeling between the two girls dressed only in my boxers. I looked to Sara whose gaze was directed firmly at my crotch, and then I turned to Piper and said, "that should make us even."

"Well then I guess I should provide some encouragement to keep you going," Piper giggled and began to unbutton her plaid pajama shirt.

With every button, more and more of her creamy white skin was revealed. When she was done with the last button, she pulled off the shirt, displaying herself to me as well as her sister. Her C cup breasts sat firmly above her toned stomach, the cool mountain air made her nipples rock hard, pointing straight at me.

"Looks like someone's ready to come out," Piper cooed as she nodded towards my groin where my hardened cock was making a tent out of my boxers.

"OK, let's have it Lew," Sara quickly and eagerly demanded.

With a little trepidation, I sank my fingers into my boxers and slowly rolled them down my body. My boxers pressed down on my cock as I pulled them down, causing my dick to spring back when it came free. I was at full-mast and with my boxers now around my ankles, I had the attention of both girls who were staring hungrily at my throbbing cock. Sara was sitting up, her sleeping bag covering her from the waist-down but her top half was out in the open. Though she was still clothed, it was still an enticing sight. She wore a simple black tank top which was tight enough to show the shape of the wonderfully petite breasts that I was treated to earlier, though now I had the added sight of her nipples straining through the thin material. I looked back to Piper who said, "Hew Lew, what do you say we give Sara here a real show?"

I looked to Piper both inquisitively and enticed. She began to remove her pajama bottoms revealing to us that she was not wearing any underwear. I stared in awe at her beautiful body; her pussy was a remarkable sight, slightly covered in short blonde bristles. You could tell it was a couple days since her last shave.

"Wow Pipe, no underwear in this cold weather?" Sara questioned.

"Well, I had a feeling Lewis would be joining us tonight," she replied, grinning from ear-to-ear.

"What?" Sara and I said in unison.

"Well, I talked to Stacy earlier and she told me she was sneaking out, so I knew Lewis would be out there all alone. I always planned on getting him in here."

"You sneaky bitch," Sara snickered, "Now here he is, cock in hand and ready to jump on you. Well, Lewis, what are you waiting on, I want my show!"

After Sara's command, I looked over at Piper who looked so inviting, but, "Uhh... I don't have a condom," I regrettably admitted.

"I thought all guys carried rubbers?" questioned Sara.

"Well, I do have one in my wallet, but it's in my bag in the other tent," I replied.

"Aww...what a party-pooper, well there are some things that I'm sure Sara would like to see that don't need condoms." Having said that, Piper laid back on her sleeping bag and spread her legs motioning me over. Growing more confident with my situation, I moved over to Piper under Sara's watchful eyes. I took a few seconds to admire the sight before me. Then placed my hands on Piper's ankles running them up her calves and then down her legs. When I reached her hip, I shifted my right had to her stomach, sliding it down the smooth surface of her warm skin until I felt the friction of her bristley pubic hair. Finally, I ran my fingers over the lips of her pussy. Her heat felt amazing on my fingers and before long I was slipping my fingers into her ever-moistening cunt. I looked up to Piper who had her head back and her eyes closed. When my fingers were sufficiently lubricated by Piper's juices, I increased my pace. As a result, Piper's eyes shot opened, "Fuck... oh, that feels so good," she squealed.

Piper reached out to my left hand, pulling it up and placing it on her right breast. I caressed it, slowly massaging it with my palm, running my fingers lightly around its curves, and then teasing her erect nipple. With one hand buried in Pipers sex and the other busy with her breasts, I moved my body up, bringing my face down to her neck. I planted a light kiss on her soft skin working my lips down to her shoulder then slowly down to her left nipple. I sucked it, rolled it with my tongue, and bit gently at it, teasing it with my teeth. After a few seconds, I pulled away from her breasts, bringing my lips to meet hers where Piper proceeded to stick her tongue in my mouth. After a deep wet kiss, Piper placed her hand on my shoulder, and looking into my eyes, gently began to push me down. I didn't need another hint; I knew exactly what she wanted. I slowly slipped my fingers out of her cunt and made my way down her delectable body. Piper's breathing became shallow as my face neared her mound. I carefully and slowly kissed around her swollen lips, before pausing a moment and then licking her clitoris. I pulled her lips apart gingerly before plunging my tongue deep into her pussy. My tongue alternated between plunging deep into her pussy and lashing out at her clit.

"Ohh, god! Yess...uhh, mmhh," Piper moaned as her climax grew closer. As I continued my assault on Piper's pussy with my tongue, I felt her muscles contract and her warm juices began to flow as she moaned aloud at the onset of her orgasm. "Fuck! Uhhh, mhhmmm," she moaned as her orgasm subsided.

Panting heavily, Piper sat up in her place bringing her closer to me and looked over to Sara, "That was amazing, and it looks like someone is enjoying themselves, eh Lew?" she said motioning for me to turn around. Turning my gaze over to her sister who was still covered by her sleeping bag from the waist-down, her hands were clearly at work beneath the covers. Devilishly, Piper grabbed at Sara's sleeping bag, pulling it open, revealing Sara to us both. I was excited to see Sara's track pants around her ankles and all the way up her sexy toned legs. Her hand was buried in her crotch, slipped under her soaked, blue, hipster-panties. It was a remarkable sight. After being revealed, Sara slowly removed her hand, and in quite a sultry move, brought them to her face and began to slowly lick her fingers, all the while brandishing a guilty smile. Admiring the wonderful vision before me, my hand instinctively made its way to my cock, an action that Piper noticed right away.

"Wow Lew, looks like you're about to blow," she commented as she pointed at my throbbing cock which had now turned a shade of purple, "I'm sure you'd much rather have Sara and I help you out."

With that, Piper pulled my hand away from my cock as Sara made her way over to us. The girls sat me down, with one of them on either side of me. Piper lowered her hand to my groin and I felt as her cool fingers took hold of me. I had to concentrate to keep from cumming at her first touch. I wanted this to last.

Piper began to gently stroke me up and down, keeping a slow and steady pace. Shifting from the wide smile on Piper's face, I turned to Sara, only to have her move in close to me and stick her tongue down my throat. I responded my massaging her tongue with mine, eliciting a soft, muffled moan from her. I reached out and took each of Sara's tits, still covered by her tank top, in my hands. They were just as soft as I had imagined. I squeezed them gently as Sara's moans grew louder. The sensation was indescribable. Piper's soft hand sliding up and down my hard cock as my tongue wrestled with her sister's. I moved my hand down to Sara's waist, slipping it up and under her shirt, taking hold of her bare breast for the first time, feeling her erect nipple against my finger. All these amazing sensations were too much and before long, I was ready to cum. I pulled my face away from Sara's and slipped my hand out of her shirt.

"I'm gonna explode," I announced.

Piper increased her pace as she felt the tension in my cock grow. I pressed my hips up toward her stroking fist and then I felt it. It seemed to start all the way down at my toes. At first, it was just a tingle, then a vibration. "AAAGGGHHHHHH!" I was cumming, I was spraying my hot sperm all over the place. It seemed like the sensation went on for hours, even though I knew it was only seconds.

I heard Piper moaning as she watched my cum flying through the air. She just kept stroking and stroking until I was totally drained. Some of my cum had landed on Sara's black tank top, she just dabbed it up with her finger and licked it clean.

"Uhh, that was great! You're amazing," I panted, still breathing heavily.

"Thanks Lew," Piper acknowledged as she attempted to clean up my mess with a paper-towel she grabbed out of her camping bag. Sara too had grabbed paper-towel and started to help clean up, then turned to me.

"Just think, two more nights up here camping, can't wait for you to get ahold of that condom," Sara smirked as she pressed the paper-towel on my deflated member cleaning me dry, eliciting a giggle from both girls.