BBQ with a Difference

We've lived in a small town for nearly 10 years now. Like all small towns, there isn't a lot to do. In fact, there is seldom much to do, so one tends to have to make his own entertainment. In our case, this wasn't particularly difficult. We were both in our late 20's and, being a fast growing industrial town, there were a number of couples in similar situations. Pool parties and BBQ's were a regular form of entertainment, or in my case a fine way of seeing the local ladies in a pleasant state of undress.

My wife and I had always been very comfortable with our bodies and having a house at the end of a quiet road meant that our house and pool area were completely private -- not that we cared that much. Most weekends in summer were so unbearably hot that we spent a good portion of the time around the pool and most of that time, naked. We just had to keep our ears open for unexpected visitors.

The first change happened when old friends came to visit us. On the second day we were lying around the pool when Bob's wife, Joan, unfastened her top and dropped it next to the chair she was sitting on. She must have been at least a 36-DD and in contrast to my wife's tiny boobs, this was indeed a sight to behold. I looked across at my wife, smiling. She smiled back and freed her 34-Bs from the confines of her bikini.

The ladies spent most of the remainder of the day tanning their breasts in the blazing sun. As the evening cooled we made our way into the bar. To keep the insects at bay, we kept the lights dimmed. There was just enough light to see what we were doing without attracting every mosquito in the neighborhood.

Bob started the fun by asking us why we were sitting in the heat wasting our time wearing clothes and with one quick movement slipped his trunks off. In the dim light I could see that his cock was thickened but not starting to rise. The girls had both consumed a fair amount of wine and were feeling the effects of it. Without a word or hesitation, they both slipped off their bikini-bottoms and sat down on the bar stools. Not be the odd one out, I slipped my trucks off and sat down before the sight of 2 naked women in front of me had its inevitable effect on me.

As the evening progressed, we became more and more relaxed with our state of undress until we were all quite comfortable in each other's presence. It even got to the point where the ladies were ribbing us about the fact that we were both openly showing our appreciation of their naked states. By the time we got to bed that night, I was hard as a rock and, judging from the wetness oozing from Joanne's pussy, she had enjoyed herself as much as I had. As we lay on the bed enjoying each other we could hear Bob and Joan in the room next-door enjoying themselves in a similar fashion. Nudity with others had arrived!

A short while later we had a BBQ with some friends who had arrived from Europe. We had enjoyed some pretty hard drinking parties in the past and that night was no exception. We sat around the pool playing a drinking game called "Sevens". I won't get into the details of the game, save to say that the loser ended up drinking tequila with each mistake they made. The ladies were finding it tough to keep going and it wasn't long before they were protesting loudly. Joanne was the first to come up with the suggestion that in the event of the loser not wanting to drink they had the option to remove an article of clothing. Obviously the guys had no objections and the ladies had a clear choice available to them, so without further delay the game continued with some better rules. The first of the women to get caught spent a little time pondering over her decision but eventually opted to remove her top and expose her milky breasts to the group.

After that the game flowed quite quickly with the level of Tequila remaining fairly static and the pile of clothes on the table getting steadily larger. One of the women we had invited was my wife's best friend Astrid: a very tall shapely woman with very small breasts but a dancers body. I had long been enjoying the sight of her body in a bikini next to our pool and I was enjoying even more, seeing the parts she was busy uncovering. I looked over at her and saw that she was sitting topless with just her tight Levi's left. I could not believe the size of her nipples, they were rock hard and the size of my thumb! I could not wait until it was her turn to make the choice and I was not disappointed. A very short while later she stood up and started to unbutton her jeans. You could hear a pin drop as she wriggled from her jeans and pulled them down her legs, revealing the most beautiful white-lace G-string. That sight will forever be etched in my mind and the mere thought gets my cock responding every time. Every pair of male eyes around the table were glued to her beautiful form.

The game progressed a while longer until my, now naked, wife lost once more and was not keen to drink any more. She looked down at the light fuzz covering her pussy and without a word walked into the house. She returned moments later with a tub of hot water, my shaving cream and a razor. She lifted her legs up onto the table exposing her self to all the guests around it and shaved every hair from her pussy. By the time she was finished I don't think there was a soft cock or dry pussy in the group. The game eventually continued until my prayers were answered and Astrid was next to forfeit. She stood up and I could see a faint blush on her fair skin as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of the G string and pulled them down her sexy legs. The part that will always stick in my mind was the sight of her panties wedged between her shaved pussy lips; her wetness trapping her panties until they reluctantly slipped down her legs and joined the other clothes on the table. I vowed that I would enjoy those panties the next chance I had!

Once everyone was naked, I could see that my wife was nearly ready to call it a day from all the booze she had drunk. She kissed everyone good night and made her way to bed. With everyone staying over, I think that each couple were so turned-on and keen to making their way to their respective beds. I showed Astrid to my daughters' room next to ours and started to tidy up. As I picked up all the clothes off the table I spotted the sexy white G string that Astrid had worn earlier. I picked them up and brought them to my nose. The sweet aroma of her perfume; mixed with her fresh pussy juices was intoxicating. Judging from the wetness, she must have enjoyed the game as much as I had. My cock was back to its fully hardened state and my juices were starting to slowly seep from the tip. I switched off all the lights and made my way to bed. My mind was set on enjoying her panties further while I jerked off into them. As I walked past her room, I saw that the light was still on and the door slightly ajar. I pushed the door open and looked in. She was lying on the bed wearing a tight T shirt and a pair of silk boxer shorts pulled up tight, her pussy lips clearly visible.

"Could you see if you can find my panties for me?" she whispered, acknowledging my presence.

"Actually, I have them here," I answered, handing them to her.

She smiled at me and motioned for me to sit down on the bed. We sat there for a while, chatting until I could no longer hold back and slowly, cautiously, put my hand on her warm, smooth leg. She made no objection, so I rubbed her thigh and let my hands drift up her body until they reached her perfect breasts. I couldn't wait to feel her big nipples first-hand. Instead of stopping me it was like someone had flicked a switch inside her -- She started to moan quietly as I caressed her nipples through the fabric of her shirt. I slid my other hand up her thigh until I could feel the warmth of her pussy through her silk shorts. I ran my fingers up and down the length of her slit. I could feel her hips moving and grinding against my hand and it wasn't long before I could feel her wet arousal soaking through the boxers. I had never met a woman with such sensitive nipples.

Her hand slipped down until she had my uncut cock in her hands and started to gently fondle my balls. We carried on caressing each other until I could feel she was resisting a little. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"I can't let you inside me. Gary has had a vasectomy so I don't use any form of contraception," she said.

"That's fine," I replied, "we can still enjoy each other in other ways."

I could see her visibly relax and her hands started to fondle me once more. I used the opportunity to slip her shorts and top off. Her firm body looked even better at the close range. She lay back on the bed with her legs slightly parted, her pussy lips were moist and swollen. I knelt next to her and took her nipples into my mouth, my tongue rolling around them, my teeth gently brushing the sides. Her sounds of pleasure were becoming a little louder and I could only hope that my wife's alcohol-induced sleep was deep enough for her to remain asleep.

Astrid started to push me gently down and I quickly got the message that she wanted me to move my attentions down to her smooth love-mound. I let my tongue glide down her flat stomach until I could smell the warm, musky scent of her aroused pussy. I wasted no time and parted her sweet lips with my tongue and ran it down the length of her pussy. By now she was starting to moan loader and her hands were pulling my face firmly into her pussy. I could feel her movements becoming more and more urgent and her sexual cries of passion become loader until, with a load moan, her orgasm swept over her. Her pussy juices flowing freely from her, I laid between her legs and drank in every drop of her hot nectar. I had never seen a pussy this wet.

I could feel her guiding my head from her pussy so I crawled up her body and we kissed deeply. She licked her juices from around my mouth and chin, enjoying her own flavour almost as much as I had enjoyed it earlier.

"Your turn," she whispered, rolling me over onto my back on the bed. My cock pointed proudly up and my precum glistened on the tip of my cock, its head shiny in the dim light. She knelt in front of me and slipped her mouth over my cock. The warmth of her lips and the gentle caressing of my balls had me soon twitching. The moment she felt this she slipped my cock from her mouth and continued licking down my shaft until she reached my balls. She licked the underside of my balls and opened her mouth, sucking them in while easing my foreskin gently back and forth, her fingers milking more and more of my juices while gently rubbing it over my swollen cock head. She continued alternating between sucking me deep into her throat and then down and sucking my balls.

My moans were becoming louder and more urgent and she could see that I couldn't take much more. She turned herself around until her pussy was hovering above my mouth in a sixty-nine position and took my cock into her mouth. I could feel my dick slip deeper and deeper in until she had my full length in her mouth. As she pushed me ever nearer to my orgasm, I pulled her down and started to once again lick and sucked on her swollen clit. Her juices dripped from deep inside her hole and into my eagerly awaiting mouth. I could take no more and soon felt my balls start to tighten and, with little warning, started to shoot my hot cum into her hungry mouth. She didn't slow down at all and just continued her rhythmic sucking until my balls were completely emptied and my shaft began to soften. I continued to lick away at her pussy until I could feel the rhythmic thrusting and grinding of her pussy against my mouth. I slipped a finger into her, looking for her magical spot. I had obviously found it and, once again, she started to become more and more vocal until, with a loud cry, she came for the second time that evening.

We laid in a tangle on the bed, both of us completely sated, both of us thinking of the risk we had just taken. "Can I take your panties with me to enjoy in the morning?" I asked hopefully.

"Let me wear them tonight and I will leave them for you in the morning," she answered with a smile.

I kissed her on the lips before making my way to my own bed and a, thankfully, still sleeping wife.

When I woke in the morning everyone was awake and Astrid had left already. My disappointment was hard to keep to myself. I walked into the room and my spirits immediately lifted: Lying on the floor behind the door were her lacey panties. The warmth and wetness of her pussy still remained. I slipped them into my pocket and made my way to the privacy of my bathroom. I didn't want to waste a second and had my shorts around my ankles, cock in my hand, and her panties against my nose in mere seconds. I could taste our juices and continued to enjoy them until, with a muffled grunt, I was shooting my load into the toilet bowl.

We never got together again, after that evening; the opportunity just never seemed to be there. She did, however, make a point of leaving a fresh pair of panties with every visit. If that is my only option, I'll happily settle for it!