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Depending on the level or membership, the cost is 1,2,3, or 4 Dollars per month for a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership, respectively. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Depending on the story, they could be either. With static stories, there are some with male and some with female protagonists. For the interactive stories, typically you define if the main character is male or female. For the cinematic or visual stories, you can choose which character is the main character for each story from a predefined set. These sets, also referred to as Scenarios, allow for the creation of parallel stories being set in the same time and place as other stories and reusing existing assets such as sets and characters, making them faster to produce while still being original and new content. In these cases, there are both male and female characters you may choose from, but changing the character will drastically change the plot line of the story, so it's not the same as with interactive stories where the plot is generally the same with just a change of gender.

Guests, or non-members have limited site access. They are also exposed to advertisements and don't receive any special treatment. Free Members don't pay anything but get access to old Interactive and Cinematic stories, saved preferences, and 3 save game slots. Bronze Members get an ad-free experience, 5 Custom Character slots for interactive stories, access to newly released stories, and 6 save game slots. They also have a few additional story arcs. Silver Members get everything Bronze has plus 5 more character slots, 3 more save game slots, additional story arcs, and access to Beta stories. Gold Members get everything Silver has plus 5 more character slots, 3 more save game slots, and additional story arcs. Platinum Members get everything Gold has plus 5 more character slots, 3 more save game slots, additional story arcs, and Alpha Access to stories in development.

If a story on our site was submitted without the authors consent and the author would like the story removed, please contact our site admin to investigate your claim. If validated, the offending story will be removed.

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